The New World - Returning To Love


I have something to propose. Something that I feel in my core must be proposed. I have a wonderful power of extreme sensitivity. Everyday I feel the collective energy and for the past 2 weeks and especially the past few days… I have felt the energy of the PTW VERY strongly. So strong that I have had to rest BIG TIME. I would love to go into detail with you on every moment of the past few days, its truly remarkable the info and unfolding that has occurred,  but I really want to get to the good stuff!

Overall what I have felt from the PTW is,… they are tired, really tired, they are weak and exhausted, some have given up the fight but are following a group that are still in the “we wont ever give up!!!!!!!” energy.. and they dont know how to stop following them, they…

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About Celtic White Willow

Join me on my journey into the Age of Aquarius, as we learn to adapt to the new energies and work to raise our vibration. Together we can become the new paradigm, leaving behind duality and coming together in Unity. Our focus will be on the Spiritual aspect of our transition. One method we will employ will be guided meditations. Today, quantum physics proves that the more people that meditate with the same focus, the more the effect of the changes in this physicality. Science and spirituality are finally coming together as science begins to explain what spiritual leaders have been teaching for eons! Here's to raising our consciousness and changing the world!
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